My name is RAQUEL!
I write + create resources revolving around living your life with joy
by staying true to who you are, making time for hobbies, honoring your needs, working in your gifts & staying close to He who loves you most

Who Am I

So I'm a couple of things! I'm a(n):

older sister
4w5 on the Enneagram
polyglot (fluent in multiple languages)
philomath (lover of learner)
worship leader
social media manager

In a nutshell, I'm someone who loves life and who, more than anything, wants to help others aspiring life lovers find their joy through self-awareness, life management + lots of self-care.

JOY | noun
a feeling of great pleasure and happiness


If you're like me (a normal human being), you know what's it's like to live on the opposite side of joy.

You're familiar with things like burn-out and chronic indecision. You make no time for your hobbies (or you spend way too much time pursuing them, #procrastination.)

You've let yourself be drawn in a million different directions all because you weren't sure about who you really are.

Been there, done that.

But if this is you right now, you might want to stick around.
Let's work this out together.

Let's talk — find me online!