Creating Healthy Systems in Business + Life: What For? (pt.1)


The month of August brought a lot of surprises for me — including the quiet discovery that I technically qualify as a highly sensitive person, or HSP.

As a passionate learner of personality + psychology, I was excited to discover more about the qualities and benefits even of being an HSP.

As someone who's always struggled with overwhelm and the knowledge of her own emotions, I wasn't too happy.

But life is lived out slowly — one day at a time. If I've learned anything in the past year, with self-awareness must come immense patience for yourself.

[CTT] With self-awareness must come immense patience for yourself.

As I've been learning more, I've discovered some amazing (+ reassuring) resources in entrepreneurs who have had to fix the way they work in order to continue succeeding in their businesses. Awesome women like Cheri Gregory specialize in running blogs and communities that cater specifically to highly sensitive people (like me.) Entrepreneurs who have dealt with low energy levels and harsh physical conditions (like Andrea Oullettee from North Collaborative) create courses and programs like The Energetic Entrepreneur to help creative business owners make space in their lives and form better systems.

This is what I really want to focus on today.

Why Do Systems Matter in Business (+ life in general)?

According to Brittany Berger, systems are "the blueprints, processes, and procedures" in our lives. Tools help us to create + implement them, but they're not what's most important.

Everyone has systems in their lives. Seriously, think about that.

There's a flow of actions that you fall into, whether it's while you're paying bills, getting ready in the morning or writings posts for your blog.

Systems are a part of our every day, whether we notice them or not. That fact gives me hope and a bubbly feeling in my stomach at the same time.

Systems are a part of our every day, whether we notice them or not.

I don't have to be an HSP or introvert to realize the importance of systems. But it's because I am that I need to start taking this seriously.

My prayer is that you take this seriously as well. If you are feeling overwhelmed, whether in your business or in your life overall, this is something I invite you to manage well with me.

We can do this
We're awesome.
We deserve better.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series as I dive into my way of creating automated systems that help me stay up-to-date online while keeping me off my phone as much as possible.

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