Finding Your Most "Valuable" Time

The world deserves the best of you — not because it’s done anything to earn it, but because delivering anything less than your best would be criminal.

God always taught me to deliver the best of myself when serving and working; His word is very clear about that:

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters,
— Colossians 3:23

How do you do that?

Find the time of the day when you flow the best.

Flow: What’s That?

I first read about flow a few years ago in an article written here on Medium.

It’s a state of mind that you and I enter into when we’re swimming in the deep ends of the pool called focus.

Nope, flow still doesn’t make sense to me.

Think back to a moment when you were focused and “stuck” in what you were doing, an hour or two had passed by without you noticing. (If it’s been a while since you’ve been that focused, check out the original article for tips on how to cut out distractions + dig deeper.)

Flow is a state you enter (think “Avatar State”) where the best of you comes out and produces a quality of work that shocks and inspires.

Know When to Enter Flow

So I am a very sensitive person when it comes to time. I can feel things like seasons and can gauge when is the “right time” to discuss topics with others based on what they’re currently going through. (Fun fact: I like to guess what time it is (hour:minute). I’m right, a lot! I don’t know, you ever just feel that it’s 11:28am? It’s hard to explain 😅)

No every hour is a good hour to work. Some hours, we use them to get ready to meet the world, or if you’re like me, you set it aside for recharging and quiet time. For those of us who work full-time jobs, we might be used to 9am-5pm being our “producing” hours.

But what if those hours don’t work for you?

I know that’s a hard question to pose. You might not be in a place where NOT working a full-time is an option yet.

I’m not asking you to take any crazy leaps (yet), not if you’re not ready for them. But I do want to challenge you to contemplate what works in your life and what doesn’t.

I remember feeling so frustrated some days while working as a server and take-out cashier back in my pizzeria days. I LOVED my job, honestly. But I’d struggle due to me wanting to daydream + work on creative projects while on the job. Why? Because my evening shifts (6-10:30pm) just also happened to be when my “daydreaming, brainstorming” switch flipped on.

Building Your Ideal Schedule

Knowing yourself is the first key in identifying what works and what won’t.

Who are you as a creator? As a creative, a preacher, a learner, a photographer, a [insert profession here]?

If you’re not a morning person, scheduling your most important work then won’t work. Same if you do happen to be a morning person (bless your heart), don’t leave your passion projects and creative endeavors for the night time when you’re most likely to fall asleep and forget about them.

When creating my ideal schedule, I had to take a couple of things into consideration:

  • I’m an introvert.

  • I am not a morning person; in fact, brainstorming is easier at night.

  • I don’t want to be working in front of a computer all the time.

After years of tweaking and playing around with different times, I’ve discovered the following schedule that just works for me:

  • Wake up — 8am

  • Devotion time — 8-9am

  • WORK TIME — 10am-12pm

  • Socializing — 12pm and on

  • Creative, relax time — 6-8pm

  • Brainstorming, daydreaming — 10pm-12am

Do I get my way with my schedule every single time? Yeah, right.

Does being aware of my “ups and downs” help me live my life? WITHOUT A DOUBT.

What Gets in Your Way of You Giving Your Best?

Maybe things like flow and ideal schedules sounds like craziness to you. “None of that is mentioned in the Bible, so I shouldn’t be investing that much time into it.”

No one is asking you to go crazy trying to learn about this, buying books, attending seminars and such. That’s not needed, unless you really do need help with time + energy management.

All that is being asked of you is EXCELLENCE — the highest form of it that you can produce.

Keep yourself accountable for the quality of work + life that you share with the world. How great it is, that’s your responsibility. Yours alone.

This is just one more method given to us to do just that.

Be great.
Be wonderful.
Do your thing.
Operate in excellence and let nothing hold you back.

until the next one, my loves 💕