Building Your Best Pinterest Profile

If you’re lacking followers on Pinterest, your profile may be to blame.

Think about the last time you were on Pinterest and chose to follow an account you thought was amazing.

What were the factors that stood out to you? (✏️ Write these down!)

🌿 Your own profile needs to be ready to attract the people who will buy your product or book your service, at all times. You need to be attracting followers who will find your choice in content useful and who are most likely to share it to their own audiences.

Building the best possible Pinterest profile involves four (4) basic parts — so open up your Pinterest now and let’s get to setting up!


Your bio (along with your display name) are what will cause you to show up in search results. So you want this to carry the relevant keywords and phrases with HIGH SEARCH VALUE that will most likely bring your business and brand to the light.

🔎 CLUE: Determine search value by typing into the search bar the first word of the phrase you’re thinking about using; see what comes up and how closely yours is matching. The more words you are, the more specific you are — and that might not always be a good thing.

◽️ Who do you serve?
◽️ What kind of content will you be pinning?

That’s how people will judge if your profile is worth a follow.

For example, in my business, I help entrepreneurs sell their products through social media and Pinterest. So in my bio, it should say:

▶️ “Hi, I'm Raquel — I teach small business owners how to sell their products on Pinterest! Grab your FREE Growth Report template:

🔑 MAJOR KEY: Add a call-to-action (CTA) to your bio! It can be as simple as a “Follow me for...” or a link to a mailing list opt-in. Make the link easy to re-type using or simply add any link as your website.

Check out my affiliate marketing account here for an idea:


These aren’t as important when it comes to search value, but they are an important part of your brand.

The key to these two sections of your profile is CONSISTENCY. You might have a fan who likes going back to your profile for content. Make yourself easily found by keeping your profile photo similar at all times and by not changing your username all the time.

Both these items should be related to your brand, always. The photo can be a logo or a branded headshot of yourself. Keep it clean, keep it consistent.

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