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Blogging 101 Answers (pt. 1)

See, because I'm really trying to make blogging work for me ... so I'm investing plenty of time and strength into getting the details all together.

I've tried blogging before (you can see my past posts below.) I've just never managed to make it stick, if I can be honest about it.

I love writing. I love answering questions. I love the idea of creating content that I believe can help make an impact in someone's life for the better. So you think that blogging consistently would come easy...but it doesn't.

BUT, I'm going to keep trying. In one way or another, I'm built for this. I want to make it work.

So let's try again.

I'm using various workbooks and questionnaires to try and set me on my path.

I know that these are usually done in private, without being shared with anyone, but I wanted to go ahead and post these. Maybe they'll inspire you to do the same. To take this journey of figuring out where you want to go, and being transparent about it early on.

One of the most beautiful things about life is that everything, including your mistakes and your failures, help point you in the right direction — if that's what you're seeking out. As long as we stay intentional about growing and learning more about who we are, rarely are any of our efforts go in vain 🙂


Why do you want to start a blog?

Ok, so various reasons here: (1) I love to write and desire to talk about my passions A LOT and (2) I really want to create a sustainable source of income that doesn't require leaving my house involuntarily. Having my own schedule would have to be my greatest motivator right now. I'm exhausted of sore backs from sitting at a cubicle at day; I'm also tired of swollen ankles and knees from being on my feet for hours at a time. Blogging and selling my own products online should give me the freedom I'm desperately desiring more and more as time goes on.

But no, for real, beyond the money — I really want to start real discussions with people concerning topics I love on platforms beyond Reddit and Twitter.

What do you want to write about?

Ah, super easy: I want to write about what I've always wanted to write about.

I want to write about being an introvert and what it takes to be a healthy one at that.

I want to write about being a leader in the church and how to serve in a way that highlights my strengths.

I want to write about discovering my type on the Enneagram (4w5) and how the road to self-awareness changed my life.

I want to write about my relationship with God and how I receive grace while still playing my part.

I want to write about my ultimate desire to live a life I can say has been joyfully done.

Yeah, that's what I want to write about.

Why is your message important?

In short, because I've made a lot of strides in my life. I've learned a lot. Witnessed a lot. Failed a lot. There's been a lot of wisdom that I've accumulated — and I think I'm meant to share that 🙂

For all of my introverted, type 4 Christians who need help with everything from learning to confidently saying "no" to choosing a passion + pursuing it.

What do you hope to accomplish through blogging?

Freedom. The feeling of it. Because I have it already — I believe that.

But what's the point of freedom of you're not walking in it?

Releasing my voice, speaking my thoughts, expressing myself publicly — that's freedom.

I want to live that out, alongside inviting others like me to do the same.

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