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🙋🏽‍♀️ About Raquel

Raquel Serrano is a Chicago native who has a passion for serving business owners around the world using the magic of good online marketing.

By using her strengths in audience targeting and copywriting, she creates content that targets your business’ ideal customer, transforming the relationship from visitor to client.


🌿 Professional Background

Raquel has worked in various marketing & sales roles over the years which have given her the skills to take your business to the next level.

Previous marketing experience and training include:

  • a six-month marketing internship at the YMCA of Chicago corporate office (Feb-Aug 2017)

Aside from running her freelance business on the side, she also currently serves as the Marketing Director for Projeto Vida Nova Chicago, a local nonprofit in the city.


📚 Marketing Education

Raquel is a self-proclaimed marketing nerd, always looking for ways to learn and apply new & old principles (see the title of the book in the photo.)

Part of her education has been through:

  • Marketing Communications program at DeVry University (48 credit hours, 2017-2018)

  • Digital Marketing Specialist certification, CoSchedule (2017)

  • HubSpot Academy — Paid Ads

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🤓 Personal Tidbits

Raquel was born and raised in the city of Chicago. In her free time, she enjoys running outdoors, studying the Bible and the Enneagram and taking care of her senior dog Rusty.